Sometimes I write down stuff that are my own problems and found the solution for them, trying to share them with others who might have the same problems.


Curious, passionate, enthusiastic, ambitious, and energetic citizen of the blue planet. A senior software engineer who has curiosity and passion for learning new things and passion for implementation. My obsession is to deliver solutions, solutions that help a business to become robust, solutions that are maintainable, easy to deploy, and trustworthy.

My core professional values: resilience, accountability, creativity, tenacity, and inclusiveness, my international and diverse experiences in life, as well as my experience in founding a startup, inform, enable and empower me to turn the impossibles into possible.

People Skill

I believe having good technical knowledge and experience is not enough for working in the tech industry. Working in the tech industry is more like playing in a sports game team. Success requires all team members to be active in their role and also have team spirit. Without team spirit, we can not achieve any long-term solution. It is critical to get and give feedback that enables communication and lets people work and also live together. For me, people skill is as important as the technical aspects of work.

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